8 Healthy Foods you should Buy on Your Upcoming Grocery Trip for a Quick Energy Boost.

When purchasing healthy food, we generally know that eating your five a day, vitamins, and antioxidants are vital to keeping your ticker and brain in good shape.

According to the NHS, a healthy, balanced diet includes high-fiber starchy items like potatoes and pasta, some dairy or dairy substitutes, pulses, unsaturated oils, spreads, and at least five servings of fruit and vegetables.

However, we often suffer a drop in energy levels after eating particular foods, such as those heavy on sugar or made up of refined carbs, making long hours of work, housework, and exercise all the more difficult.

This is exacerbated when we work from home.

‘When your workplace and home are essentially one thing, and the kitchen is at arm’s reach, choosing good eating choices might seem like an uphill fight,’ said Souter. ‘Inactivity and boredom eating may lead to lethargy and weariness.’

If you don’t want to sacrifice a healthy diet with your hectic lifestyle, some powerful elements offer a fast pick-me-up that is certain to recharge your body and help you remain awake all day.
According to two of the UK’s greatest dieticians, here is a list of the finest healthy foods to add in your shopping list to boost your energy levels:


1) Eggs

For non-vegans, eggs will be a weekly staple used to produce various foods such as omelets, scrambled eggs, and quiches.

‘Including protein in your morning meal will help keep hunger away,’ added Soutter. ‘Protein plus a little fat may aid to decrease the pace at which a carbohydrate breaks down into sugar, which is a great method to have continuous energy throughout the morning.’

According to nutritionist Angelique Panagos, eggs are also rich in iron, which is required for hemoglobin formation and oxygen transmission to the rest of the body. ‘Decreased oxygen levels may cause exhaustion, and eggs are also high in B12, so eggs are a welcome addition to help boost your energy,’ she explains.


2) Oatmeal

We’ve all heard that oats, whether soaked overnight in almond milk with berries or blended with hot milk to create porridge, are a terrific energy booster in the morning.

‘All carbs break down to sugar, but only fiber-rich slow-release carbs like oats give prolonged fuel to the body and brain,’ she explains.


3) Strawberries

Strawberry may be a must-have with cream and Pimms during Wimbledon, but according to Soutter, strawberries contain more vitamin C per 100g than oranges.

‘Vitamin C is vital for immune system health and battling exhaustion and weariness,’ she explains.

‘Fueling our bodies with nutrient-dense foods is the key to greater mental concentration, energy, and even better thinking,’ she writes. ‘Improved efficiency at work may provide us more time to achieve success in our personal lives.’


4) Cherries

According to Soutter, they are high in antioxidants known as anthocyanins, responsible for their rich red or purple color.

‘Anthocyanins are now being studied for anti-inflammatory and possible heart health advantages,’ she explains.

They are also a good source of melatonin, a hormone that is commonly thought to enhance sleep quality. However, Soutter points out that studies on sleep have often employed Montmorency tart cherry juice, indicating that more research on the sleep effects of cherries is required.

If you’re looking for something low in carbs and quick to prepare after a long day at work, a salmon-based meal is a way to go.

‘Did you realize that fat accounts for 60% of our brain?’ Soutter inquires. ‘The majority of these fats, known as omega 3s, are identical to those found in salmon. These fats help with focus, memory, and mood.’

Poaching salmon and serving it with rich and healthy veggies like green beans, lemon, garlic, broccoli, and carrots is the best way to consume it.


5) Water

The NHS recommends that individuals drink enough fluids, ideally six to eight glasses each day.

‘Water is a healthy and inexpensive option for satisfying thirst at any time. It has no calories and sweets that may harm your teeth,’ according to the organization’s website.

According to Soutter, dehydration may cause weariness, loss of attention, and decreased effectiveness throughout the day. Thus it is essential to drink water.

‘If you have a hard time drinking plain water, consider infusing it overnight with fresh berries, ginger, lemon, or mint,’ recommends Soutter. ‘Fruit and herbal teas all contribute to your regular water consumption.’


6) Dark Chocolate

If you believed chocolate was terrible for you, think again since it is a healthy source of magnesium in its darkest, highest-quality form.

‘Magnesium is a critical mineral for energy generation,’ adds Soutter.

Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants and often has less sugar than milk chocolate. Several studies have also shown that it may reduce the risk of heart disease and enhance brain function.


7) Honey

Honey is a viscous sweet liquid generated by honeybees that is an excellent alternative to other sources of sugar. It is an immediate source of energy.

‘Our brain and body need sugar to operate, and honey offers an easy-to-use, quick-release energy supply,’ explains Soutter.

While you may want to add spoonfuls of the golden thing to your porridge, smoothies, and toast in the morning, Panagos warns that it is heavy in sugar and should not be relied on as your go-to energy boost meal.


8) Brown rice

Panagos believes that due to food limitations and a lack of delivery slots, we may not be eating the best-balanced meals right now.

‘While we are not searching for an “excellent” meal, we want to strive for as many whole foods and fresh foods as possible to assist support the body as a whole, including our immunity and energy metabolism,’ she recommends.

Brown rice, a high-fiber, low-calorie grain, is an excellent addition to any meal.

‘Its outer bran layer has been kept intact, giving a source of B vitamins and magnesium, all of which are required for energy synthesis,’ adds Soutter. ‘Rice is a complex carbohydrate that delivers a consistent supply of energy to the body and brain.’

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