What are you doing step bro

What are you doing step bro? I know that it’s been a while since we spoke and I’m not sure how to say this, but I think we need to talk. There has been something on my mind for a long time now and it’s making me really unhappy. what are you doing step bro. It feels like there is no way out of the situation and maybe if we talked about it together, we could find some sort of solution or at least come up with some ideas. Let me know what you think!

Step bro, what are you doing? I’m just sitting on the couch and watching TV. what are you doing step bro. Let me know if there is anything else you want to do! sometimes when I’m bored and in need of some entertainment, I’ll go down to my older brother’s room and hang out with him. what are you doing step bro.

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Sometimes we’ll watch tv or play video games together – it’s all about having a good time! But then he started getting really touchy feely with me and that was not cool at all. It made me feel like I had no choice but to leave the room because it wasn’t what brothers should do!

What are you doing step bro?

Are you ready for this? I have a confession. You know, my stepbro? what are you doing step bro. Well he’s been giving me some weird vibes lately. When I was alone in the house with him the other day, he started rubbing my back and then came around to rub my chest! What are you doing step bro?! Why would you do that when we’re family?

It just felt really wrong to me so I told him not to touch me again and ran out of there as fast as possible! So if anyone has any advice on how to handle this situation please let me know because it’s really freaking scary and awkward right now and no one else knows but me. (I’m too scared!) what are you doing step bro. (Himachal Wale)



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