Suggestions for becoming and remaining Motivated

Motivation is what propels us forward – yet being motivated is not always straightforward. Learn how to get (and stay!) motivated, as well as what to do if you’re having trouble getting started.

Motivation may be both positive and negative.

Motivation is what thing drives you toward a goal, what gets you out from bed in the early morning, and what keeps you going through a task, determined to achieve even when conditions are challenging. However, motivation may be positive or negative:

  • Positive motivations:

Concentrate on the positive outcomes that will occur as a result of your action. For instance, ‘Completing this task puts me one step closer to qualification.’

  • Negative motivations:

Concentrate on the negative consequences of an action. For instance, ‘If I do not do this homework within the next several hours, I will fail this class.’

Both negative and positive motivations may be helpful in certain situations. However, it is far easier to do something because you desire it than it is to avoid a particular outcome if you do not. If you lack a positive action plan, relying on negative motivation might make you feel powerless and even decrease your motivation.

How to motivate yourself (and how to keep yourself motivated)

  • Establish goals.

When you establish a goal, you commit to acting in a manner that will assist you in achieving it. Plans give your efforts a direction – one that is quantitative and measurable. This may help you stay motivated.

  • Choose goals that pique your interest.

You’re a lot more likely to stay motivated if you’re pursuing what you really want rather than what others want for you.

  • Discover activities that interest you within the confines of non-interesting goals.

Occasionally, others assign us goals or duties that we do not find fascinating or desire to complete. Therefore, attempt to motivate something inside that task that motivates you. For instance, ‘I find arithmetic tough, but it will help me pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a builder.’

  • Make your goal. (set goal)

When you communicate – or write down – your goal, you have effectively committed yourself to follow your word.

  • Make a chart of your progress.

When you’re striving for something, seeing signs of progress may be quite motivating. Create a visual picture of your progress toward attaining the goal you’ve set for yourself.

  • Divide your goal into smaller components.

Begin with more straightforward activities and work your way up to more difficult ones. Breaking a task down into manageable portions in your thoughts helps generate confidence.

If you’re having a hard problem,

If you’ve attempted but cannot help yourself, it may be motivated to discuss your situation with a trusted friend. Sometimes it isn’t easy to do things on your own, which is why having a solid support network may be beneficial if you’ve taken on a significant project.

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