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Let’s know how to be in a happy mood always. So often, we assume that pleasure is contingent upon people behaving the way we want. We believe they can make us happy (or make us in a happy mood) by saying specific things, attending to our needs, or providing us with what we want. However, other people cannot make us happy, and believing in them adds to our sadness.

Expressing thankfulness is one of the most potent behaviors we can develop to increase our happiness and our happy mood. When you forget to be thankful for what you have right now, you deprive yourself of a source of pleasure. Happy individuals make a point of expressing gratitude.

As a result, I shall demonstrate (learn to make a happy mood by yourself) via a tale…

“Once a crow lived in the jungle.

Who is entirely content with his existence. He observed a Duck one day and thought, “It’s so white and I’m too dark; ducks are the happiest birds on the planet. On Then the crow said to the Duck, “you know you are the happiest word in the world due to your whiteness.”


Then Duck answered, “Actually, I used to believe the same thing until I saw a two-color parrot; now I believe parrots are the happiest birds on the planet.” Following that, the crow approached the Parrot and stated, “I, too, used to live a happy life until I met Peacock, but after that, I believe Peacock is the happiest bird in the world since it has so many colors.”

Then crow went to the zoo to see Peacock. Seeing so many people gathered to watch Peacock, the crow said to Peacock, “Dear Peacock, thousands of people come here to see you, but when they see me, they let me go away.”

Then Peacock said, “I used to believe I was the happiest bird in the world, but now I am stuck in the zoo, and I have noticed there is no crow in the zoo, therefore I. Therefore a crow since I could travel anywhere.”

Thus, this narrative depicts our existence. In the report, the crow believes that Duck is happy, Duck believes that Parrot is happy, Parrot believes that Peacock is comfortable, and Peacock believes that Crow is happy… This indicates that when we compare our lives to others, we become unhappy; We can’t be in a happy mood. when we are pleased with others, we become joyful…

We should grateful for what we have with us; happiness is a state of mind. Automatically we will be in a happy mood.Β  We should make the best use of what has been provided to us. We cannot quantify the value of another person’s life, thus we should be grateful for this.

When we accept this fact of life, we will always be joyful. This is how we can be happy always.

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